Still Fires

It was a dream come true to record this project! Hearing what you write come to life and stand on its own never gets old. I was fortunate enough to have some of the finest musicians in the world help me make this happen. I was joined by the multi-Grammy Award winning Ron Block and Barry Bales, of Alison Krauss  and Union Station, along with Grammy nominated Sierra Hull and Justin Moses to round out the band. The album was recorded at Tunesmith Studios in Nashville, Tennessee by legendary guitarist and producer, Richard Smith.

I can’t wait for you to hear this project! So make sure to grab a copy from the store page!

Prone To Wander

This is a stripped down and raw collection of hymns.

About the Album
The idea for this album came from playing all these songs on my old 1942 Gibson J-45. I decided to make a record that sounds like it would have been recorded when that guitar was new. I wanted a pure sound; not the sound that all the gadgets and recording software nowadays can produce. This project was recorded to a computer however, there is nothing artificial about it. I was very fortunate to be granted permission to record in the historic Winyah Auditorium in Georgetown, SC. The reverb that you will hear is just the sound of that great room! In keeping with the “pure recording process”, there are no mixes, fixes, overdubs, or auto-tune. What you hear is what the microphones heard. Each track was recorded from start to finish without stopping, and in most cases what you hear is the first take.   So, you may hear some pitch problems, buzzing from some strings, a creaking floor, and even the train whistle from the steel factory down the road, but that is how I wanted it. Real, as if I were standing in the room with you having a small church service. I hope you enjoy this collection of hymns even with all the pops, creaks, and sometimes my off pitch singing as much I enjoyed making it.